online game by Gamelab, 1999

Designed with Peter Lee and Michael Sweet, BLiX was the game that launched Gamelab the company. We developed it independently, and after getting some attention (including an Independent Game Festival award for best audio), Peter Lee and I formed the studio. 

To play BLiX, you touch the screen and create bumpers, trying to steer the bouncing pixel-like balls into available cups. The distinctive techno style and rubbery electronic soundtrack made it very much stand out in the late 1990 - years before "big pixels" became stylish as retro design.

Many thanks to Peter Lee and Michael Sweet for their amazing work on what for me is a very meaningful game. 


• Finalist, Excellent in Audio, Game Developers Choice Awards, 2001
• Best Audio, Independent Games Festival 2000
• Silver Medal, I.D. Design Awards, 1999
• Finalist, Invision Awards, 1999