Architectural Proposal, 2010
created with Clara Klein & Nathalie Pozzi

Drift is a proposal for a building in the form of a game, the result of a collaboration with architects Clara Klein and Nathalie Pozzi.

We created Drift for an architectural competition called Sukkah City, which challenged entrants to design a version of the traditional Jewish structure called Sukkah, built for the holiday of Sukkot.

Our proposal centered on a game that was to be played by two or more participants within a building that was structured around a floor-to-ceiling grid of felt tubes. Inside some of the tubes were blue felt orbs, each one an "oasis." The maze-like game involved visitors tracing paths along the grid of the building walls, changing their path when they reached an oasis. You win when you meet the path of another player at an oasis. The two winners must share something with each other (some food, a secret, a laugh) and then they move their oasis to a new position in the grid.

The overall design takes advantage of the temporary communities of a public exhibition. The drifing movement of the game evokes the wandering of the Jews in the desert after their expulsion from Egypt - which is in fact what the holiday of Sukkot celebrates.

More than 600 entries were received and only a dozen were selected to be built, so we can't feel too bad about not being selected. It was a tremendous learning experience to collaborate with these two architects on their turf, and I am sure that the ideas surrounding DRIFT will emerge again in future projects.

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