Cross my Heart + Hope to Die
physical game, 2010
created with Nathalie Pozzi

photo © lia bulaong

Cross My Heart + Hope to Die is a physical game I created with Architect Nathalie Pozzi which premiered at the 2010 Come Out & Play Festival in NYC. It won the special Jury Award for outstanding design at the festival.

Inspired by the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, Cross My Heart + Hope to Die is a game about desire and betrayal for nine players. It features a life-sized labyrinth made out of 20-foot hanging fabric walls that players navigate as they play.

In the game, Theseus, Ariadne, and the Minotaur each seek to consume the heart of each other. Their teammates can create new walls in the labyrinth to protect them and to corral their targets. Can your team capture the hearts of your opponents? Or will your teammates betray you and switch teams? Part myth, part puzzle, and part life-sized videogame, Cross My Heart + Hope to Die demands stealth, tactics, and social smarts.

At its premiere, we ran Cross My Heart + Hope to Die for about 3 hours, giving 200 players a chance to play. The level of enthusiasm and energy was amazing, even on a humid summer day. Special thanks to the Come Out & Play Festival, our extraordinary rigger Janey Clancy, and our tireless construction assistants Zeke Abuhof, Danielle Baskin, Ray Chou, and Rafael Mota.

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photo © lia bulaong

photo © lia bulaong

photo © lia bulaong

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